Project Governance

The GSA Board of Governors has overall and final authority for all works on the Mackintosh Building and this aligns with the primary responsibilities set out in Glasgow School of Art’s Statement of Corporate Governance. They will be informed by the recommendations of the Business and Estates Committee which receives reports and recommendations from the Project Development Board alongside review and monitoring reports from the Mackintosh Steering Group.

The structure, staffing, management and governance of the works are such that they do not, to a substantive degree, impact upon the senior management teams focus on educational provision or its ability to ensure the appropriate day-to-day management and future development of The Glasgow School of Art. However, it is fully recognised that the Director, as chief Accountable Officer of the School, and other officers by default, have various responsibilities regarding the works. The Director of Glasgow School of Art shall assume the role of Project Sponsor, lead the works, chair the Project Development Board, and be directly responsible for the delivery of the works.

The definition of the governance model shall be informed by relevant guidance, such as the Scottish Government’s Construction Policy Note (2019), the Scottish Public Finance Manual and the HM Treasury Guide to Developing the Project Business Case (2018). Appropriate university sector benchmarking will also inform this process. The governance model and arrangements may evolve, including as part of the development of the Outline Business Case, and as such are subject to review.