Steering Group

The Project Steering Group comprises external stakeholders who have a diverse range of knowledge, skills and experience. They have an important role in providing an external perspective, insight and questioning, contributing to the Project Development Board’s successfully shaping of the project vision for the Mackintosh Building.

The remit of the Steering Group will evolve in line with the development of the Business Case.

Accountability: (Reporting to the Board of Governors via the Business and Estates Committee)

  1. Oversight of delivery
  2. Oversight of governance
  3. Ensuring the correct skill set and resource within the Mackintosh Development Team
  4. Oversight of the Mackintosh Development Team

Monitor, Review and Challenge: 

  1. Development of the Business Case
  2. Procurement through the process of the Business Case development and rebuild
  3. Development and Delivery of Communication, Engagement, and Consultation Strategy
  4. Alignment with Estates Strategy and GSA Strategy
  5. Budget, cost, timeline, and quality
  6. Design and efficiencies of the Building
  7. Risks, contingencies and compensation
  8. Management and performance of the Principal Contractor
  9. Compliance and management of the Planning Conditions and approvals
  10. Future operating model, service provision and space allocation
  11. Actions and recommendations from project or commissioned reports

Approve and recommend to the Board (via the Business and Estates Committee):

  1. The full Business Case
  2. The brief and design at key stages
  3. The Communications, Engagement and Consultation Strategy
  4. All major decisions including those regarding substantive movement in programme, costs, resource, change request, procurement and specification
  5. Whether any fundraising will be required, the level of this, the balance against other resources


Professor John French

James Sanderson

Ann Faulds

Michael McAuley

Ken Ross

Lesley Thomson

Paul Brewer

Professor Hanif Kara

Kim Hitch

Stephen Hodder

Professor Neal Juster

Iain Marley

Jill Miller

Lucy Musgrave

Stuart Patrick

Dale Sinclair