Lessons Learnt

A recommendation of the 2019 of the Scottish Parliament Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs Committee report on the Mackintosh Building fires was that the GSA undertook a lessons learnt review of our responses to the 2014 and 2018 fires.  This review was commissioned following the publication of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) Fire Investigation Report in January 2021.

We appointed an independent external expert to do this for us and committed to making the report openly available, sharing the recommendations and our responses to them.  We also took the decision at that time to undertake the lessons learnt exercise in two parts considering non-technical and technical aspects separately, reflecting where we are in the current rebuilding project.  The non-technical lessons learnt review was undertaken during 2023.  At an appropriate point in the next phases of what is a very complex and challenging project we will undertake a further lessons learnt review on the technical aspects of the project.

You can read the Summary and Full Lessons Learnt documents here.