Future Growth

Our studio-based, practice-led pedagogy bring disciplines together to explore problems in new ways to find innovative solutions. The studio, whether physical or digital, creates an environment where peer learning, critical enquiry, experimentation, and prototyping are encouraged. It provides a unique learning environment that extends beyond art school to professional practice and future careers and today, the GSA is one of the largest UK creative communities in fine art and design outside London, including a growing postgraduate community.

The GSA has local, national, and international significance. Whilst achieving global status exemplified in its QS ranking and international alumni reach, it remains a locally rooted, small specialist institution, that celebrates its commitment to traditional strengths and practice whilst striving to develop new and ground-breaking academic areas.

An increase in student numbers in recent years is projected to continue, placing strain on the estate as the School plans to selectively broaden its academic base while reaching out to the community and supporting the local and wider economy, achieving this in a sustainable manner and enhancing the student experience.

While there are many factors outside of the control of the GSA impacting on future student numbers and hence income, there is an understanding that the student experience is one output over which the GSA is committed to making significant improvements.

It is recognised that the estate can contribute significantly to student experience, which underpins the ability of the GSA to sustain growth in student numbers and income growth from various markets and opportunities.